Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Back with Apron.

So I've decided to throw back on the apron and have found myspace back at the good old HK. When I started this blog, it was all good times and at a small town italian restaurant that would maybe get me three tables a night. I may have had the last straw and peaced on the place but then only spent two months at HK before I went to Boston.
I had a serving job there that was quickly turned into a clusterfuck which was lovely and ended up hosting. I loved all the servers I worked with and the people were great but I would see this people ring up mad money yet complain about it being slow when they all had three tables. I was barely making it by and made the decision to come back to HK which I'm already happy about so I thought I would bring back this blog!
It does mean that I won't be able to be covering as many shows in Boston but I'll still be around. That's all that was keeping me happy there but I was getting to know everyone, had a connection to the local scene which I had missed before but I'll be bringing back this blog which is the important end of the story :)
My first shift back was the day shift on Valentine's Day and instead of being shorted like so many people say I was making at least an extra dollar on many tables. I got a $7 dollar tip on a thirteen and a $10 dollar tip on a twenty for the best ones and am about to clock in for my first lunch shift with two 8 am starts this weekend. Back to small town living for a while and I'm not sure how well my ballerina buns and boots with leggings and itty bitty dresses are going to go over here...