Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dear Serving in A Small Town..

You kind of suck sometimes.
I've been lucky in coming back to my restaurant. Working great 8 to 4's and still making 65-70 on a 11 to 4 pm for the most part. Today I walked into a two to eight thinking it would be okay and in the beginning of the night it was great. Until five pm (I got cut at seven)!

I was giving the service that normally gets me 20 percent or more and it was like that for the time from 2 to 5 where it was just two of us on the floor and I was getting double sat and in the ten's. People were sipping down cocktails and keeping me moving which is when I'm in the best mode. Tonight?! 17-18 percent tips everywhere I looked!

I'm such a complainer haha. To a normal person, this would be okay. To me, not so much! Especially when I could have been at a local show today which keeps this lady thriving and it had stereo skyline headlining acoustically who are a two time interview.

Today's highlight:
-the amazing new BLOOD ORANGE/mixed berry vitamin water which has natural caffein :-) So fucking yummy.

Today's lowlight:
-working my first shift with Jealous Freak (beautiful name I know) and Pro (so good at these names..will have to make a list of the stand outs) who just happen to be dating, probably getting married due to a little baby just now being announced that's on the way. Pro and I have always flirted though and talked yet this was the first time. It's funny because I'm always the one it seems he doesn't want to hurt in it when the three of us are working together. he got my tea all set for me when these two regular ladies came in and always asks if can help. amazing!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Back with Apron.

So I've decided to throw back on the apron and have found myspace back at the good old HK. When I started this blog, it was all good times and at a small town italian restaurant that would maybe get me three tables a night. I may have had the last straw and peaced on the place but then only spent two months at HK before I went to Boston.
I had a serving job there that was quickly turned into a clusterfuck which was lovely and ended up hosting. I loved all the servers I worked with and the people were great but I would see this people ring up mad money yet complain about it being slow when they all had three tables. I was barely making it by and made the decision to come back to HK which I'm already happy about so I thought I would bring back this blog!
It does mean that I won't be able to be covering as many shows in Boston but I'll still be around. That's all that was keeping me happy there but I was getting to know everyone, had a connection to the local scene which I had missed before but I'll be bringing back this blog which is the important end of the story :)
My first shift back was the day shift on Valentine's Day and instead of being shorted like so many people say I was making at least an extra dollar on many tables. I got a $7 dollar tip on a thirteen and a $10 dollar tip on a twenty for the best ones and am about to clock in for my first lunch shift with two 8 am starts this weekend. Back to small town living for a while and I'm not sure how well my ballerina buns and boots with leggings and itty bitty dresses are going to go over here...