Thursday, February 11, 2010

Benefits on a Wednesday.

Living on the Cape, six inches of snow cause the town to freak out so when I clocked in last night, I thought I would walk with maybe ten dollars but I came right into a benefit. Normally I'd be excited going into one of these but it was a weird situation where your check at the end of the night after discounts would most likely be 0 to 2 dollars per party. We were slammed from the start of the night at 5 and it didn't let up at all but suprisingly my tables were still tipping me at least twenty percent for most of the part of what the original bill would have been (the meals and everything) so I was really happy despite the stressful situation of a not so normal wednesday night.It was the first night I've walked with 100 in a while which is great considering it's the middle of the winter and we are completely dead for another month or so!

We were all on edge with each other for the most part till the end of the night when we slowed down but that's normal around there. I have a pretty lucky situation where I don't make too too many mistakes (last night it was just dressing on the side for one salad and it wasn't a fancy salad, they throw together a few greens, two cherry tomatoes and some onions and I was rushed so right after I did a slip, I didn't add the last dish but told the cooks right away so I was safe) so I'm in good shape with the cooks, other wise I would have been a lot of worse off in attitude. I walked out with double what the other server on made and I don't normally talk about it but she kept on talking about it all night. I had been cut down to one shift and this week I have three and when I was leaving, the foh manager asked what days I can't work next week and said things are going to be changing drastically next week so hopefully I'll pick up more shifts again!

Sorry for the lengthiness and craziness of this post but I have been reading all of these server blogs and really wanted to start writing one. I also balance this with a music journalism kind of career and that's all on my music blog!

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