Thursday, February 18, 2010

Just one of those nights..

Oh Wednesday nights at Messina. It was my first one in a while and since I was the only one on the floor with Opera (worst codename ever but she's obsessed) doing the local Lion's Club meeting. I ended up only having four tables but I walked away with $65 so I was happy, all 20 percent but people did not read the menu last night at all!

From wanting a panini which we only serve to four at dinner time to how to work an Early Bird but the biggest issue was when I got sat fifteen people at the same seperate parties so when I asked for some help with drinks from Opera who hadn't started yet on her Lion's Club she was just expasarated but still demands that I take huge piles of used dishes and crap like that when I have tables of my own I have to attend to. Love it.

But of course, the cooks always make me laugh when I have been having a bad night. One of them told me tonight that he's considering putting in his two weeks and I was like ,'please no for my sake!' and was making goofy ridiculous faces behind our boss while he was talking to try to make me laugh. They save me in that restaurant jeez, them and my favorite other waitress Smiley and my bartender Forever 21. My names are random as heck , I love it! Back there tonight with Smiley on a 5 to close like last night. Silverware out the caboose!

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